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The Guilty Feminist presents Loud Voices

Guilty Feminist podcast guests present brand new half hour sitcom pilots staged live with actors off the telly. An exciting hilarious night of diverse voices. 

Jun 18, 2017

The Guilty Feminist presents LOUD VOICES
In this spin-off from Deborah Frances-White’s Guilty Feminist podcast, four diverse writers present four hilarious sit-com pilots. Hear the comedy stars of tomorrow today!

Avery Edison presents “Breaked”
A semi-autobiographical story about a young woman who suddenly realises that her latest bipolar manic episode has restructured her entire life against her will, and her attempts to grapple with the world she's made. 


Narrator: Deborah Frances-White
Ainsley: Avery Edison
Harper: Emily Lloyd-Saini
Emily: Ani Nelson
Mother: Ronke Adekoluejo
Lecturer: Laurence Dobiesz
Manager: John Dorney

Director: Andrew Gillman
Producer: Tom Salinsky
Sound engineer: Chris Sharp 

Recorded at Kings Place 18 April 2017

Download the script here:

Contact Avery Edison via Twitter: